Our Services Posted March 17, 2015


To date, freelance writing seems to be a very popular worldwide. In fact, when you search for the words \’freelance writing\’ on the web, the results prove it. Freelance writing is a particular job that allows writers, from various countries, to work at home or any place – at their own time and place. As long as they have the computer and an internet connection, they are able to do this paper writing service. The nature of this service is that most of the clients are college student. These students come to such essay writing services for help in their assignments. These assignments come in various categories: essays, research papers, coursework, presentations, dissertations, term papers, and more. Nevertheless, the service is commonly identified as custom essay writing. However, there seems to be an objection within the public, saying that this English essay writing service is unethical. They say that students should be doing their own responsibilities, and these freelance writers should not tolerate them or make them lazy. On the contrary, others argue that it is acceptable. Students are just being given assistance. In fact, they argue, there are even more ethically worse means of income in the society: drugs, human trafficking, etc. Nevertheless, here is my point: it depends on the situation. Both arguments aforementioned are true in specific ways. The students will not be doing this unethically if it is absolutely reasonable. For instance, if the student is working or is currently having a family problem that really needs to be solved immediately, I believe it is a qualifying justification. In fact, writers do not absolutely tolerate their irresponsibility in their studies, since you only help them in part. As an academic writer, you don’t do their actual examinations; you just do their little assignments. As a freelance writer, this is my justification: I do not do thesis papers. The reason is that is it a major paper – almost similar to an examination. And that\’s it. If this is the case, I believe that academic writing is an acceptable thing, but only if it is in a right situation – both in the students’ and the writers’ side.